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Based on your values and ambitions, we assist in identifying, attracting, and retaining the talents that can make a difference for your company and culture.

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  • Workshops and programs focusing on the importance and value of diversity and bringing out the best potential in your current employees and teams.

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The companies states: 

"Really good process with excellent dialogue along the way. You've truly managed to find relevant candidates for us."

"The candidates come with a positive and curious view of the organization, so you've 'branded' us well."

"Thanks for a great collaboration on this recruitment – we are really pleased."

"We have recommended you to our business partner; you execute and deliver."

"We have evaluated and are immensely impressed with both the speed and quality."

Statements from the candidates: 

"It has been a really good process with you, and it greatly contributed to my decision to accept the job."

"Thanks for the good alignment of expectations. I might not have been curious about the job if the dialogue hadn’t gone through you."

"I'm glad you reached out even though I wasn't actively job hunting. It was a good call, and I'm looking forward to starting my new job."

"Even though I didn't land the job, I gained a lot from the dialogues with you and the feedback on the Play Your Talent test. Thank you."

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