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Whether you graduated recently, feel stuck in your current job, or dream of greener pastures, we are happy to sit down for a talk about the next step in your career. Together, we'll help you figure out what you want to do, whether it's a new role at your current job or a new job altogether. We know the industry, and we're great at putting ourselves in your shoes.

The counseling takes place by appointment either online or in person and lasts a minimum of 2 hours. The first appointment always includes the full talent test from Play Your Talent, which is included in the price.

Price for 2 hours spread over 1-2 sessions is 2,650 DKK.

An initial brief conversation to clarify what focus you want and whether we are the right match, is free.

Career counseling

Everyone can hit a point in their career where they feel stuck. Despite being ambitious and motivated, figuring out the next steps can be challenging. Should you seek new responsibilities in your current company, or is it time for an even bigger change?

These questions can be quite overwhelming to handle alone. Career counseling, at its core, is about equipping you with the right tools to initiate change. This often requires an external, fresh perspective and an insight into your talents and aspirations.

Many managers, in particular, seek career counseling and sparring, but it's a service open to everyone. Whether you're a graduate, a seasoned professional, or a top executive, we can customize our services to meet your individual needs.

Exploring your dream goals

At Finanskandidaten, we take a personalized approach with every candidate. Whether they're currently employed or seeking employment, our goal is to help you understand your options by focusing on your needs, and empowering you to make well-informed decisions about the next step in your career.

This approach turns career counseling into a beneficial process that brings clarity, direction, and meaning, regardless of your career journey's destination.

We utilize our constructive and evidence-based tool, 'Play Your Talent,' to better understand your individual profile.

Our services include:

  • Identifying your skills, values, and motivations
  • Insights into your strengths and areas for growth
  • Developing strategies for job searching and personal branding
  • Practical tools to effectively match with an employer
  • Support with CV and application development, and interview preparation
  • Guidance in exploring a new career direction or a leadership role

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