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Play Your Talent

At Finanskandidaten, you get access to a range of innovative tools designed to help you identify and communicate your strengths in the best possible way to your future employer.

We offer, among other things, access to the app 'Play Your Talent', which through simple, evidence-based, and precise questions gives you deeper insight into exactly which talents you possess, and how to best utilize them. That way, it becomes easier to identify your strengths and motivations, whether it's for your resume, a job interview, or simply for personal growth.

You get access to the tool when you create a job agent and choose to expand your profile.

If you want more information about the tool and the theories behind it, feel free to visit our partner below.

Using AI to Brand Yourself

At Finanskandidaten, we help you brand yourself and your talents, making it easier to attract the jobs you're dreaming of. We help you with communicating your skills and motivation, while matching you based on your strengths, to make it easy for you to successfully integrate into your new workplace.

That's why you'll get access to our brand new AI-based tool, that automatically generates a talent-based pitch and a dynamic profile text for your resume. This way, you can easily and quickly present your profile in a motivating manner to potential employers.

To use the tool, you'll first need to take the 'Play Your Talent' test unless you already know and can define your top talents.

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