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Traditional recruiting often focuses solely on education and previous experience. Most employers look for one specific type of candidate who needs to fit perfectly into a predefined template. The problem, however, is that they don’t get to see the full potential of the person behind the application, and many skilled and motivated candidates are filtered out because they don’t match the given criteria.

At the same time, you risk hiring people who look good on paper but may lack the right drive or skills to thrive and make a difference both professionally and socially. This results in both missed talents and bad hires that affect the culture, job satisfaction, and the bottom line.

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At Finanskandidaten, we match candidates and companies based on human strengths and values. Find the right candidate with talent-based recruiting today.

Talent-based recruiting for your company

At Finanskandidaten, we work from a talent-based and inclusive approach to recruiting. By thoroughly examining the needs, motivations, and strengths of both the company and the candidates, we can identify optimal matches.

Our experienced recruiting experts use tools such as Play Your Talent, a simple, evidence-based talent test based on Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, to identify talents and skills among candidates. This allows us to spot each individual’s potential and determine who will thrive and contribute the most to specific positions.

After all, recruiting is fundamentally about finding the right people to meet the company's needs. Therefore, we zoom in on the unique human aspect for the benefit of both the company and the candidate. According to Gallup data, employees who get to use their strengths in their daily work experience higher motivation and well-being, which translates into increased productivity, innovation, and retention.

Find the right candidate

At Finanskandidaten, we help you find the right people, not just on paper but in practice. We simplify the recruiting process while ensuring that the people you hire are right for your organization.

We support your processes and provide a highly motivated and targeted pool of candidates who have been thoroughly screened, first with introductory contact and then testing and more in-depth talks. Afterwards, you'll get to take over, with plenty of insights into the talents you’ll be meeting.

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