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Everyone from your company can create a free user account and advertise on our platform. If you have a corporate agreement, we ensure linking the profile to it.

A job advertisement ensures significant inclusivity by providing equal opportunities for all to apply for the position at your company.

We recommend supporting your advertising efforts by crafting the ad text more focused on talent and using an inclusive language to motivate the right candidates. We're happy to assist you with this.

Benefits of advertising through Finanskandidaten:

  • Access to reach the most talented individuals in the industry
  • Targeted job alerts ensure reaching the right candidates
  • Our candidates receive free access to our tools, empowering them to authentically represent themselves in the job.
  • You reach both actively seeking individuals and those just curious about the right job match
  • 4 weeks of advertising with an option to boost your ad to the front page
  • Free extension of the ad for an additional 4 weeks after expiration.

Get seen by more candidates

At Finanskandidaten, we do more than just offer traditional advertising. We focus on diversity and inclusion and want to support your own processes in this area. Advertising is a good tool for reaching a broad range of candidates, but it rarely stands alone and should be supported by good processes and inclusive ad copy, which we can also assist with.

As an employer, you gain access here to a broad field of qualified and motivated candidates, both active job seekers and talents who may already have a job and are curious about new challenges. Your ad is sent directly to motivated candidates who have set up a job alert.

We attract curious candidates both externally and from across the industry by offering effective tools to make their profiles and resumes more talent-based and motivated. This means that you get a talent-based field of candidates who are better equipped to communicate and convey their strengths and value in an authentic way, instead of trying to fit into the frameworks they think are expected – something that is central to a DEIB-friendly work environment.

Diversity is a strength

At Finanskandidaten, we integrate the DEIB principles of diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging at the heart of our recruitment strategy. As an employer, this means you get access to a deep and diversified talent pool with unique perspectives and ideas.

The ads ensure targeted exposure across the industry. All ads will run for 4 weeks as standard, after which there will be the option to extend for another 4 weeks at no additional cost. You will also have the ability to boost the ad to the top and front page, which significantly increases visibility.

With Finanskandidaten you get access to a large and varied talent network and the possibility of personal support and sparring throughout the process.

Assistance with recruitment

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